I’m Hannah! I’m a Certified Makeup Artist & Content Creator on Youtube!

A little more about me..
I remember when my mom taught me how to properly apply my eyeshadow and eyeliner for the first time in middle school. She did one eye, and I did the other. My side definitely didn’t look as flawless as hers, but I remember going to a restaurant  later that afternoon and a woman said, “Wow! Your eye makeup looks absolutely gorgeous!” I felt so confident and excited to start playing with makeup after that!

I instantly became obsessed with makeup when I discovered beauty channels on Youtube. For Christmas, my mom got us a gift where her and I could learn how to apply makeup professionally at a nearby makeup academy. I had no intention of becoming a makeup artist per se, I just believed the course would be beneficial for my Youtube channel. I remember we were so nervous to apply makeup on our first model that we almost didn’t go to class! I’m so glad we did, because that’s when I posted my first before & after photo on my Instagram feed. My friend saw the picture, and asked me to do her sisters prom makeup. She was my first official customer!

Ever since that moment, I’ve seen God grow my business into something that I could have never even dreamed of ! I’ve had the chance to work with several beautiful brides, and apply makeup for celebrity photoshoots. My favorite shoot was the cover I did for Debut Magazine, featuring Baddie Winkle. My favorite part of my job is not only the makeup, but the conversations I get to have with my clients! I love meeting new people, and helping them feel beautiful in their own skin. I always tell my clients that, “Beauty Begins Within.” It starts with the heart. If your heart is gracious and loving towards others it will shine through in your appearance.


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